About Us

As a kid, I have always been excited by technology but in my day, that included a Sony Walkman, a pager and a computer running DOS :-(

Technology has changed so much over the years and when I sit and watch my kids and how instinctive it is for them to use an iPad or iPhone, I can only imagine where it will be in the next 20 years.

I still remember watching Dick Tracy on TV and talk into his watch. Or watching Tom Cruise in Minority Report and how GPS and cell tower triangulation seemed so distant.

But here we are, stranger than fiction, this is our reality today. My cell phone has more memory and a faster processor that my old computers, not to mention what you can do on your phone!

This is why iOWNA Gadget exists.

We love technology and all the benefits it can bring to our lives. The health applications, drones making lifelong memories and capturing video only a bird can see.

When I look at my kids I am excited about their future and what innovations lie ahead? We have already seen the flying car and the electric ones, now we see the glimpse of self driving vehicles and the quest to live on mars!

If you are a tech geek or a gadget loving nerd like me, or maybe you just like tech toys, this is why we are here.

Buy in confidence and stay for the service, iOWNA Gadget is your source for technology!